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Excellent tree service

In an urban context, trees need regular maintenance adapted to their environment. Thus, a tree service allows us to promote their growth in complete safety, maintain their health, balance their lines and extend their life span. At Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. our team of professionals has all the skills and knowledge as well as the specific equipment to offer you a complete, safe tree service adapted to your needs. Moreover, with more than 30 years of experience in the field, we perform all maintenance work such as pruning (removal of interfering, weak, dead or diseased branches), felling (complete cutting of diseased trees or trees affected by the emerald ash borer), pruning of branches or foliage to improve the health of the tree and reduce the risks of damage or accidents, grubbing (grinding the stump remaining in the ground to avoid any inconvenience), clearing (cutting all the trees or shrubs or brush in order to clear all or part of a given area) and others in a meticulous manner while respecting the tree’s natural growth.

At Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. we guarantee you a high quality tree service that includes a meticulous visual examination of each tree on your property in order to determine your exact needs. This allows us to propose the best possible maintenance for your trees as well as the means to use.

For unparalleled pruning

Pruning consists of cutting off the branches and leaves of a tree that are interfering, unstable, diseased or dead. Thus, pruning is an integral part of tree maintenance to promote health and growth or for safety. Ideally, pruning should be done every three to five years for optimum tree health.

At Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. we carry out various types of pruning with efficiency and speed such as

  • Sanitation pruning consists of cutting off branches that rub against each other as well as diseased, dead or disproportionate branches in order to prevent the spread of diseases such as fungus or rot and to keep the tree healthy.
  • Safety pruning, it allows cutting branches that are too close to infrastructures such as a house, a roof, a shed, a balcony or others to clear them in order to avoid possible damage caused by friction.
  • Maintenance pruning includes the cutting of weak, heavy, disproportionate, diseased or dead branches in order to give the tree a solid structure and optimize its healthy growth. In addition, pruning may be necessary to thin the branches of a tree to allow the vegetation underneath it to develop better.

At Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. our team of qualified arborists guarantees you high-quality pruning work in complete safety. In fact, our specialists have in-depth knowledge of arboriculture, which allows them to promote tree growth and vitality while increasing their strength and reinforcing their structure. In addition, our experts will provide you with sound advice on the maintenance of your trees, free of charge.

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