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Tree care specialist

For tree cutting or pruning, stump removal or a meticulous and quality deforestation service, we are at your service.

Complete Tree Service

In business since 1990 in the West Island of Montreal, Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. has built a reputation that is reflected in the loyalty of its customers. Our specialty is complete tree care. We strive to follow all the standards of the trade in terms of the quality of the cuts, the climbing techniques and the diagnostics to be performed.

Since 2021, the administration of the company changed, following the death of the founder, Mr. Marc Lafontaine.

Are you facing an EAB problem? Your ash trees show advanced signs of infestation such as yellowing leaves, thinning of the crown, presence of suckers on the branches or trunk, dead branches, split bark? Unfortunately, this means that your tree must be cut down. At Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. we are experts in the removal of ash trees contaminated by the borer. In fact, in accordance with your municipality’s bylaws, we can safely cut down infested trees. In addition, you should know that some municipalities have doubled their subsidies to citizens for the removal of trees affected by the emerald ash borer.

A variety of services at your disposal

Élagage d'arbre


Pruning with ropes is one of our common maneuvers. To do this, we use ladders, bladders, poles, safety harnesses and ropes. We also have at our disposal a spider platform on tracks. We do not use spurs, which would damage the bark and sapwood of the tree and allow rain and insects to infiltrate the tree.

Between each pruning, it is very important to disinfect the tools in order to avoid the possible propagation of parasitic fungi or diseases. The quality of the cuts is also very important to allow the tree to heal as soon as possible.

The different pruning practices are :

Abattage d'arbres


Cutting down a tree is sometimes necessary when a tree is either: dead, diseased, planted in the wrong place or if its roots threaten the property. At this point, it is recommended to call an expert to cut down trees rather than risk injury. If the tree is too close to Hydro-Quebec’s electrical network, we will take care of the necessary steps so that a team can secure the tree.   

We prefer to use cords to tie up the branches and trunk, so as not to take the risk of causing damage to your property. Please note that we are insured for $3,000,000 in case of damage or accidents to your property.

For safe tree cutting, you can trust our team of professionals who have the knowledge and equipment to do an impeccable job. Indeed, thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field, we master the techniques of felling in order to carry out with brio the most complex works.

A tree cutting permit is required if the tree is larger than 10 cm in diameter. If it is a cedar or a shrub, it is not required. 

Déboisement - Broyeur forestier


Since 2021, our team is at your disposal for your clearing work, cleaning of gutters and forest plots, using an excavator equipped with a forestry grinder.

The clearing service consists of cutting down all trees or shrubs or brush in order to clear all or part of a given area.

Whatever the reason, whether it is to develop your land for a new construction or to obtain more space, to develop a forest road or to carry out a selective cut in your private woodland, to clear a forest or others, we carry out the various works with efficiency and speed.

You should know that for certain types of deforestation such as clearing a lot for a new construction, for example, you must obtain a deforestation permit from your municipality.

With our deforestation service, we can cut down trees and shrubs as well as evacuate wood over large areas.

We do a clean and careful job for a remarkable clearing service.

Déchiquetage branches d'arbres


To dispose of the branches we have cut, we reduce them to wood chips using a chipper (Maximum: 48.3 cm diameter).



At Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc. we carry out tree removal quickly and efficiently. After a tree has been cut down, we intervene in a safe manner to grind up the stump that remains. For your peace of mind and to avoid many inconveniences, it is important to proceed to a grubbing. Indeed, a stump remaining in the ground can serve as a refuge for small pests or produce new shoots or give off foul odors. 

For quality grubbing, we use a portable grinder to grind stumps and surface roots to a depth of 38 cm (15 inches) below ground level, which eliminates the part exposed to the sun and thus prevents the stump from growing back. 

Wood chips are a very good fertilizer and can be redistributed to other plants. It is recommended to remove the wood chips from the shredded stump and fill the hole with new soil and grass seed or peat moss (this is not a service we offer).

Areas served





During a natural disaster such as ice storm, strong winds, tornado… Do not hesitate to contact us, we are professionals in this kind of critical situation. MONTREAL REGION : (514) 620-3638
Service d'urgence 24h - Émondage Lafontaine (2006) Inc.


Are you insured?

Yes, for $3,000,000 against any damage to your property or our employees. However, to do so, you must pay the applicable taxes.

How much does the work cost?

To be able to reply to this question, we have to come and see your trees and evaluate their needs, their species, the locations in which they are located, the level of difficulty, etc. At the same time, we provide a free, no-obligation estimate.

What are the payment methods accepted?

VISA or MasterCard, by cheque, Interac transfer or cash

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